Men watches guide – Get him a watch he will love

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The men watches as a gift is so classic as it’s represent luxury, fashion and in other hand who don’t need to tell the time.
It took only about hundred years until watches become addition to the average man’s outfit.
Men fashion options is fewer the women he may have only a fine suit, a selection of ties or cufflinks and when it comes to men watches he then have the variety luxury.
Now with the rise of the smart watches the game changed as watches have extra more things to do with call and messages notification, step tracing, GPS functions and the health and fitness tracing options.

But how to pick  the best man watch?

But how to pick  the best watch for him?

what is watch style ( Dress, Fashion, Casual, Luxury, Sport) and when to use them ?

  • Dress usually thin to slip in shirt cuff may be circular, rectangular, or square,High-end varieties are typically made from precious metals like gold or silver. band usually made of leather. will display date – time or time only. dress watch used with formal occasions like with a business suit or a tuxedo, it will not go with t-shirt and jeans.

  • Fashion is a watch made by a brand not specialized in making watches to match their style or theme, so wearing it is according to your wearing brand , some of well known brands are Hugo Boss,  Guess watches, Gucci, Emporio Armani.

  • Casual is the most used watches similar to the other clothing items can be used every day and could be a good gift idea .

  • Luxury must be made by companies specialized in watchmaking for long time it’s also made of gold, diamonds and other precious metals and jewels that add value and most of luxury watch brands are Swiss and made in limited numbers and some of the well known brands are Rolex, Hublot, Patek Philippe, Lange & Söhne, Vacheron Constantin.

  • sport as name implies it’s the watch you wear while playing sports so it should be water resistant , include stopwatch , alarm, heart rate monitor, compass but it can’t be used in any type formal wear.

what is watch movement type and Power Source (Mechanical, Automatic, Quartz)?

what is watch movement type and Power Source (Mechanical, Automatic, Quartz)?

  • Mechanical work without electricity and get it’s power from long spring slowly unwinds and transfers the power to the mechanical parts to move but the spring need to be wound occasionally, their second hands move smoothly without stop.
  • Automatic also known as (selfwinding watch) so it’s Mechanical watch but wounded automatically by the human body movements it has the same smooth hands movement without stops.
  • Quartz it’s the most common and less in price now ,it’s powered by a battery that causes the quartz crystal inside to vibrate at a certain rate so battary need to be replaced regularly to keep it’s accuracy , their second hands move in pulses.

what is watch display type (Analog, Digital, Hybrid, Touchscreen)?

what is watch display type (Analog, Digital, Hybrid, Touchscreen)?

  • Analog it’s the most traditional type of watches with the three hands of hour, minute, second.
  • Digital display the time and other information as numbers on LCD display.
  • Hybrid it has the regular three hands combined with LCD display to more data and it’s best for wearers prefer to have the classic look with the convenience of all data that can be displayed digitally.
  • Touchscreen with the rise of smart watches more information need to be displayed in the same screen so touchscreen needed to navigate through information and other options.

Smartwatches or Traditional Watches?

Smartwatches or Traditional Watches?

  • Smartwatch it’s the shining new trend,as every smart watch provide different functions all smart watches share connecting to smart phone and Bluetooth devices to display information like calls caller id, messages and some types display fitness tracking data but take care smart watches not for everyone some prefer the traditional type of watches with the three hands.
  • Traditional simply it’s the original it has it’s own lovers and collectors and as smart watches grow day by day the community of Traditional watch luxury grow also.

This was our guide for men watches you can add your ideas and thoughts in the comments

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